Wikipedia … Nearing Completion?

Wikipedia is a never-ending compendium of human knowledge. Anyone can make an article on anything they like, and anyone can edit it. Wikipedia is probably by now your default go-to when you don’t know something. Well there’s big news about wikipedia these days – Article growth and edits are slowing, we’re adding fewer new things to wikipedia every day, and we’re arguing less about the articles already on there. It’s arguable that this is a very good thing, it means that Wikipedia has matured and now contains just about everything that needs defining (obviously as long as we keep creating new knowledge and stuff Wikipedia will continue to grow) and the things that are on Wikipedia are more agreed upon now.

Wikipedia still needs editors though – vandalism still has to be culled and if you’re an expert in your field, please contribute! Read the whole article in the Atlantic of the completion of Wikipedia here

Algebra to blame for a 1000% increase in wireless network speeds!

Bet you wish you didn’t sleep through that grade 10 class now!

Brainiacs at MIT have devised a way to essentially make your phone, tablet or laptop calculate which information it’s missing from the wireless provider due to connection issues. Essentially replacing a table of contents at the front of each data packet with an algebraic equation that describes all the contents of the packet. Pretty cool stuff! Read more here:

Should your business be mobile?

Should your business go mobile? What does going mobile entail, who uses it, and what are the benefits? These are all good questions, and they are ones that you should be asking yourself about your company. Would you benefit from having a mobile web page, and what should your mobile website do for your customers?

The real answer is – it depends. I would suggest having a mobile friendly website, one that can scale properly to the size of the device that the user has, and presents the information that they are probably looking for readily (location, contact information, hours of operation) That is really just the basic though. If you’re really looking to expand your business and get customers, you should seek ways to engage them through your mobile site that drives business to you. How you do that is going to be specific to your business, but ways to think about how you can create these opportunities are to really consider the situations that people would be using their phone or tablet to look up your company. If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do with a mobile presence, what you should consider, and how to come up with a game plan, take a look at Google’s Mobile Playbook it really drills down some basic stats, considerations, and game plans for taking your business to the streets!

Sick Of Passwords? Us too.

Mozilla – the team that makes Firefox, has released Persona into public beta. We can start including it into your web pages now, it’s a unified password system to log into websites built right into your browser. The aim of Persona is to get rid of all of your passwords for sites and use this service to log into everything. It’s been developed as an open source project so the code has been under the scrutiny of the developer community looking for weaknesses and has been deemed ready for beta! For website owners, you’ll be able to integrate persona as a login method to your site with a few changes, and you can include your logo and site name into the pop up login box. I hope that this catches on and we’ll no longer have to remember hundreds of passwords each with their odd quirks and bizzare requirements (starts with a lower case letter and must contain at least 3 symbols etc)

Read more about the release here:

MySpace getting a total overhaul

MySpace- You remember, that social network you switched over to from Nexopia or something else equally distant in memory, is getting totally redesigned. I must admit I’ve never really had as much dislike for the service as a lot of the tech media does. Sure MySpace had some problems, it was prone to glaringly bad user personalizations and frustrating constant reorganizing, and the lack of real names made it difficult to track down your friends and know who was who when you looked down your friend list filled with descriptive names like *’-AnGeL-‘* or something equally bad. The real use of the service, however, was (is!) for bands to post their songs and for users to listen to them. Newer, better services have come along since like bandcamp or soundcloud that can offer more feature rich experiences, but myspace was a staple for musician, so everyone is on there.

The new site is a mashup of pinterest and windows 8 styling, with a grid layout and horizontal scrooling seemingly still focused on bands, with a heavy emphasis on music and playlists for the casual user. I look forward to checking out the new layout and hope to see you on there!

Iphone 5 Rumblings

Apple just announced an event that’s rumoured to be the announcement of the always anticipated next generation iphone. The event is happening September 12th at noon. For a sneak peak at a leaked iphone 5 head over to Engadget and read up!

Mobile web and your customers

Mobile internet is really going to be the focus of the web design industry for the forseeable future, but is it worthwhile for your company to invest in a mobile site, and if you do, should you invest in a fully responsive site (scales to any window size), or have a separate mobile site?

Smashing Magazine just wrote a great piece that lays out the difference with two people trying to accomplish the exact same thing: Be the next President of the USA! Read the article here

The article discusses the needs and desires of mobile web users, and best practices to appease everyone. The important questions to ask when considering a mobile site, more often than not, are; “What would a mobile user need from my page?” “How much of my content should be available” and “How can a mobile site create the most business?” The answers vary based on your business, but in general, all of your content should be available to the mobile user, don’t limit them! but do focus on easy contact information and take advantage of linked phone numbers!

Cloud Tools for Small Business

I am loving the competition between Google and Microsoft, as we’re getting all the benefits! Microsoft just announced a major redesign for Hotmail to make it and now SkyDrive is getting an overhaul to match the new Windows style! Check out the video preview of the newly refinished service:

Ask Incite Social how you can improve your company’s workflow by taking advantage of these awesome cloud services!

Revised Klout Algorithm Rolls out today!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Klout, it’s a “score” of your online influence. They take into account your social media profiles, posts, followers, etc (Facebook, Twitter, G+, youtube, etc, etc) and then give you a score based on how often your tweets are retweeted, or your facebook posts liked, and many more metrics of measurement. Today they’re rolling out a new, revised algorithm that is supposed to take real world influence into consideration when determining your Klout score. Watch the video to find out more!

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