Easy Trick to get Latitude & Longitude

This is a handy trick for anyone that needs either decimal or regular latitude and longitude coordinates.

Firstly, you should go to maps.google.ca and find the location that you’d like to pinpoint.

  • When you’ve found the spot that you’d like, move the mouse over it and right click, this will bring up the context menu.
  • Select “What’s Here?”
  • Google Maps will automatically centre the map and tell you the latitude and longitude
    • Decimal version in the search box (latitude first, then longitude)
    • Regular version (with Degrees°Minutes’Seconds” ) in the  dropdown box

You can now use this latitude and longitude to plug into your GPS or mapping software (especially handy for Realtors!)

Facebook Advertising Might Not Work

A great breakdown of what’s happening when you pay facebook for advertisements. Make sure when you’re using facebook for advertising to select the most specific audience you can! Especially if you’re a local business or know your customers well, be as specific as possible to cut down on these fraudulent likes.

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic tool for managing simple sites. This site itself is running wordpress! The blogging platform struck a chord with the web developer community and exploded to be one of the most popular content management systems. I’ve created this quick video that describes the very basics of how to manage your wordpress powered site. If you’re interested, please watch the video and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get you on the path to happy web administration 🙂

How to easily make nice outlook signatures

We here at Incite Promo have decided to start making the occasional video tutorials to answer some common questions that we get. Up this first week is how to easily make good looking signatures in MS Outlook. If you’ve ever tried to make a signature before, you know that it can be quite frustrating to build a good looking, well aligned signature in the box provided for you for signatures. Check out our short video for our tutorial!