Mobile web and your customers

Mobile internet is really going to be the focus of the web design industry for the forseeable future, but is it worthwhile for your company to invest in a mobile site, and if you do, should you invest in a fully responsive site (scales to any window size), or have a separate mobile site?

Smashing Magazine just wrote a great piece that lays out the difference with two people trying to accomplish the exact same thing: Be the next President of the USA! Read the article here

The article discusses the needs and desires of mobile web users, and best practices to appease everyone. The important questions to ask when considering a mobile site, more often than not, are; “What would a mobile user need from my page?” “How much of my content should be available” and “How can a mobile site create the most business?” The answers vary based on your business, but in general, all of your content should be available to the mobile user, don’t limit them! but do focus on easy contact information and take advantage of linked phone numbers!