Ever wonder how searching the internet works?

At Incite promo, some of the most frequent questions we get asked are how search works, why is my page rank what it is, and what should our pages include for search engine optimizations. Gone are the old days of SEO, keyword stuffing, giant meta tag lists, and hidden content (people used to actually put giant lists of keywords just off screen for crawlers like alta vista to find.)

Search engines are smart, and way bigger than you might imagine. The index that Google maintains is over 100 million gigabytesand contains over 30 trillion pages it’s astounding to think that they are able to bring relevant results as you type them, let alone results that you really want.

If you’re interested, Google’s put together a great presentation page on how their search engine works at the link! If you have any questions about how to optimize your site for better search ranking, please give us a shout!