Incite can provide graphic design for your company on a regular basis. This works extremely well in conjunction with our website management and social media management services. We can design custom graphics to fit your facebook page, twitter/twitpics, website and any other mediums your graphic might have to fit into. Using Incite’s graphic design management service allows your customers to see congruent graphic designs from your company no matter what service they see your updates on.

If you require one-off graphic designs we can also provide design for projects ranging from signs and posters to business cards, letterhead and logo and branding development, as well as web design and development.

  • Web design
  • Business cards
  • Letter heads
  • Signs
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Event releases
  • Facebook/twitter/google+/youtube/vimeo/flikr/picasa releases

Web 2.0 was the introduction of the rich media web. It’s more than expected for your company to have a solid presence across a rich variety of rich media sources. Incite Promo has the expertise to adjust your marketing scheme to suit it’s posting context. For example, a banner or poster for your upcoming event may print very well, but will not fit in Facebook’s gallery, or a twitpic gallery, or an e-vite very well. Incite can take your marketing to the next level by adjusting your promotions to fit into their context so that users of those sites will be more enticed to click, and ultimately purchase your products and services.