MySpace getting a total overhaul

MySpace- You remember, that social network you switched over to from Nexopia or something else equally distant in memory, is getting totally redesigned. I must admit I’ve never really had as much dislike for the service as a lot of the tech media does. Sure MySpace had some problems, it was prone to glaringly bad user personalizations and frustrating constant reorganizing, and the lack of real names made it difficult to track down your friends and know who was who when you looked down your friend list filled with descriptive names like *’-AnGeL-‘* or something equally bad. The real use of the service, however, was (is!) for bands to post their songs and for users to listen to them. Newer, better services have come along since like bandcamp or soundcloud that can offer more feature rich experiences, but myspace was a staple for musician, so everyone is on there.

The new site is a mashup of pinterest and windows 8 styling, with a grid layout and horizontal scrooling seemingly still focused on bands, with a heavy emphasis on music and playlists for the casual user. I look forward to checking out the new layout and hope to see you on there!