Paypal is expanding their mobile abilities

Help set up PayPal
Do you currently accept paypal on your website? or would you like someone to set up Paypal on your website for you so you can accept payments from anyone online? Now might be a good time to start thinking about setting up an e-commerce store front on your website with paypal’s aggressive expansion into the mobile market. First there was PayPal Here – the stereo jack plugin card reader for iphone and android that can swipe credit cards to acccept payments in person, and now PayPal has announced they have purchased This app snaps photos of credit cards, and can read the numbers off of the card quickly and easily. These technologies have just come to Canada and you could be the first in your town to use them! If you’re interested in how to sell your product online, and how to use services like PayPal to get paid, give us a shout!