SEO from the Horse’s Mouth (Google, that is!)

It looks like the team at Google Search is sick and tired of shady link building companies and schemes gaming their system. They have put out a video that highlights the key points of how to achieve high search ranking in Google. Possibly the most important thing that I stumbled across with this video is that GoogleBot ignores Meta Keywords! They like Meta Descriptions still though, so keep those up on your sites! you can watch the video here:

If you’re considering hiring an SEO company in High River or Calgary or from the internet, consider first how much effort you put into your web presence, and how much content you have online. Higher search rankings can’t necessarily be achieved with better SEO. The best solution is to have more (and better!) content. Incite can help your company get your information online, and maintain your webpage in a non-shady way. We’ll take your sales, events, promotions, anything you want and make sure that your site is updated professionally and consistently.