Should your business be mobile?

Should your business go mobile? What does going mobile entail, who uses it, and what are the benefits? These are all good questions, and they are ones that you should be asking yourself about your company. Would you benefit from having a mobile web page, and what should your mobile website do for your customers?

The real answer is – it depends. I would suggest having a mobile friendly website, one that can scale properly to the size of the device that the user has, and presents the information that they are probably looking for readily (location, contact information, hours of operation) That is really just the basic though. If you’re really looking to expand your business and get customers, you should seek ways to engage them through your mobile site that drives business to you. How you do that is going to be specific to your business, but ways to think about how you can create these opportunities are to really consider the situations that people would be using their phone or tablet to look up your company. If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do with a mobile presence, what you should consider, and how to come up with a game plan, take a look at Google’s Mobile Playbook it really drills down some basic stats, considerations, and game plans for taking your business to the streets!