Sick Of Passwords? Us too.

Mozilla – the team that makes Firefox, has released Persona into public beta. We can start including it into your web pages now, it’s a unified password system to log into websites built right into your browser. The aim of Persona is to get rid of all of your passwords for sites and use this service to log into everything. It’s been developed as an open source project so the code has been under the scrutiny of the developer community looking for weaknesses and has been deemed ready for beta! For website owners, you’ll be able to integrate persona as a login method to your site with a few changes, and you can include your logo and site name into the pop up login box. I hope that this catches on and we’ll no longer have to remember hundreds of passwords each with their odd quirks and bizzare requirements (starts with a lower case letter and must contain at least 3 symbols etc)

Read more about the release here: