Signing up, and keeping all of the different social media websites updated with your company’s products, events, or news can be time consuming and annoying because of all of the different requirements for image sizes and text lengths and such. When you hire Incite to manage your social media, you just need to send an email to us and we’ll set to work putting your latest products, events, news (and more!) on your website

It’s 2014. Young consumers live on the internet, they share, they discuss, and they shop on the internet. Companies that have a well respected, known and consistent “face” on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites will earn the trust of consumers the way that company mascots on tv commercials win over audiences.

Embrace online customer interaction sooner, rather than later, and you will gain a stronger foothold in your market and an edge over your competitors. That is our purpose. Incite Social promotions will help your company reach customers through social media sites, and promote your product, respond to complaints, and maintain an experience for customers with your brand.

Simply call, email or text us with updates, and we will post them across your social media sites in a consistent and cohesive manner.