The Power of Advertising

I just stumbled across a great article on the power of advertising, from a great blog. If you’re interested, The Smithsonian has a great blog on many topics ranging from history to technology and science to arts and culture. The articles are usually a little longer than your quick speed-read blogs (like the one you’re enjoying right now!) But if you like a little more depth to your read be sure to head over and check them out!

The specific article is about the power of suggestion, and the power of advertising. The article details how an $18 billion (or more properly, milliard🙂 ) industry was built from nonexistance by a high school girl from her father’s invention, all through the power of Victorian Age Social Media – door to door sales and surveys, and advertisements in magazines convincing men and women that they smelled bad! Your product or service may not be as taboo a subject as gasp body odour, but Incite Social Promotion will be glad to meet with you and help create and maintain your advertisements.

The message is simple, a great advertising concept can make or break any product.  Incite Social can help you create an advertising plan to get your product in front of customers regularly! call or email today for a free consultation.