Getting a website designed is one thing (and we do that too!) but keeping it up to date is time consuming, and without knowledge of proper coding and web design practices, your beautiful website can quickly start to look like a jumbled mess of all different sizes and coloured fonts, and squished/stretched/blurry images. Incite can keep your website updated and keep it looking professional and true to the designer’s intention.
Keeping your website beautiful isn’t the only benefit that hiring Incite to keep your website updated provides. Keeping up to date with your freshest content, or news about your industry helps your search ranking improve, and helps customers find your website easier by expanding the content and linking from your website.

  • Web design
  • Blogs
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Review site QC (urban spoon/clubzone/about/google places)
  • Groupon/kijiji/craigslist/adwords

Blogs are fast becoming a necessary part of every web page. Keep your information fresh, and your search ranking high with a blog. Unsure about what to write about? That’s where we can step in. We can keep your blog up to date with your company’s latest news and information as well as ghost write your blog with interesting information relating to your industry that will help potential customers discover your site.

Keeping your blog up to date isn’t always as simple as writing an article, or posting a snippet. People want media rich experiences when reading a blog, and we can provide and integrate that service into your website. Embedded video / news articles / tweets and other sources of information directly relating to your business’ field in a professional and well designed manner.

Does your business not have a lot of information to post on a blog? We can help with that by ghostwriting about relevant news and events from other sources on the web that will help expand your site’s content and help web crawlers (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) find your site and raise it’s profile with them, as well as making it easier for potential customers to find you using while using their services.